Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Amazing Covers - Royals (NEW REGULAR POST)

I have recently finished (for now!) my music playlist, containing all my favourite songs at the moment. Today, I wanted to share with you a song that is right at the top for, and is my current over all favourite.

It is Royals by Lorde. I think it is a completely original and catchy tune, with an awesome beat that always excites me. Lorde has a particularly unique voice as well, and when I first heard it on the radio, I knew I had to download it. I always end up singing out loud, even in public! 

It is currently 2nd on the Big Top 40 list, with my second favourite song Counting Stars by One Republic following closely in 3rd. 

If you haven't heard Royals yet:
1. You really need to because it is AMAZING :)
2. Listen to the song, and watch the video on YouTube

Now as this post is called 'Amazing Covers',  I want to introduce you to a post I will be doing regularly. I have planned to find new, and amazing covers for you to listen to, and be inspired by! These will be going up every now and then (not a set time), and will show your favourite songs in a new light. I'm just experimenting, as recently I have found so many incredible covers I really want to share with you!

So for Royals, I have two covers to share:
They try new interesting ways of filming their songs, as well as singing them! I recommend watching all their videos and subscribing, because they are very original and surprise me every time!

This duet gives a fresh, new spin on Lorde's hit tune. I love how their voices sound together, and downloaded this song onto my playlist as well! Subscribe to Megan Nicole to see her amazing covers :)

I know these probably aren't the only amazing covers, so if you have found any more please comment down below, because I'd love to see them!

Follow my blog if you enjoyed this new segment, and have a nice day!

Love Sian xox

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