Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blogilates | Youtube

Personally, two of my favourite things to do are watch YouTube and do sport.
And very recently, I found an amazing way to combine the two!

This is Cassey Ho, a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, and her channel is Blogilates.  She was named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.

She makes effective, high energy work-outs, incorporating Pilates into pretty much every video. Cassey posts regular videos, and never fails with the awesome work-out she shows you. She gets involved, helping you get motivated!

 Each video has a specific target, such as: Best Stretches to Relieve Low Back Pain or 5 Best Muffintop Melting Moves. This ensures that everyone can work on specifically what they want to work on! Personally seeing a video that is exercising exactly what I need is a god-send.

Cassey makes stretching, strengthening, dance and many more styles of video! She always keeps you on your toes - literally! Her exercises are extremely effective, but also very easy. Getting involved in these fitness regimes is like a piece of cake - all you need is some space and a computer. I really recommend subscribing to her, as her videos are both motivating and professional.

Here are all her links:

How do you like to get fit?

Love Sian xox

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  1. I will have to check these out great post interesting and fun to read :)