Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Trench | Vine

Recently, while I was browsing vine (A social app where you post 7 second videos), I came across an account called Trench. He posts 7 second music videos where he either plays the guitar, harp or ukulele. 

He is extremely talented, and can play literally any song I can think of! I love listening to his videos on loop as they are so calming and beautifully played. His talent on the harp and guitar is truly mind-blowing.

It is such an original idea, and I haven't come across another account like his. It is a great way to spread his music, and he has a large audience. Every day he comes out with a new, incredible rendition of a well-known song, or a new song which I learn to love. 

I recommend you follow him on vine, and check out his previous vines. There are so many other musically talented on vine, like Molly Jean and Us the Duo, and I hope you have the time to check them out too.

Do you like vine?

Love Sian xox

Here is a compilation of some of his guitar vines:

Friday, 25 July 2014

Recipes I Want to Try | Ella Grace Denton

If you read my 'Summer Bucket List' post, you know that this summer I really want to try as many new recipes as possible. So here are a few, inspired by Ella Grace Denton who posts amazing recipes and cool meal ideas. Please check out her instagram, @ellagracedenton, for loads of ways to keep healthy this summer.

1) Breakfast

This simple breakfast is not only healthy, but delicious. All you need is porridge (oatmeal), granola, banana and apple. 

2) Lunch

In my opinion, sandwiches are the best thing for lunch. And this one ticks all the boxes of my favourite foods. All you need is chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, vine tomato, avocado & greek yoghurt. Ella also added poached egg, but I'm not a fan of it.

3) Dinner

Another meal I'd love to make - Shove salmon, kale, broccoli, chestnut mushrooms, sesame seeds and lemon all into wok and you have this simple dinner.

4) Drink

Another thing I wanted to do this summer was make a lot of smoothies, and this healthy green smoothie is on my list. Blend 1/4 avocado, 1 frozen banana, a handful of blueberries, 2 teaspoons of Spiralina, 2 teaspoons of bee pollen and a handful of ice. Yummmmy! 

What recipes are you going to try this Summer?

Love Sian xox

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Exercises for your Arms!

I think arms are as important to strengthen as any other part of your body. I am going to give you some easy, yet effective exercises to get yours arms toned during the summer. With any other exercise, you can combine these exercises with legs, cardio or abs for a full body workout.

For some of these exercises you'll need weights, but don't let that put you off. There are loads of exercises you can do without weights so don't make it an excuse!

1. Press-ups
This is the standard exercise which is extremely effective for strengthening your biceps. Doing just a few press-ups every day can really improve your strength, and before you know it, you'll be doing them by the 100! You can vary your press up style to work your triceps, but those are significantly harder. Make sure you keep your back straight, body tensed and bend down to a right angle with your arms. 

2. Weights 
There are so many exercises you can do with weights, so here is a picture on how to do a few. If you're interested in knowing more, and learning how to work specific parts of your body with weights, either pop me an email, leave a comment or do some research!

3. Tricep dips
This exercise strengthens your triceps. If you can find a sofa or any other raised surface you can do this exercise. Put your arms up on the surface, and bend to a right angle - keeping your legs and your body straight. If you are finding it hard, you can bend your legs slightly to support your body. Like the press-ups, do a few of these each day and you'll see outstanding results. 

Do you do arm exercises?

Love Sian xox

Friday, 18 July 2014

Essentials for Flights

For most of you, you are either on your Summer holidays or just beginning them. This means you'll be flying somewhere, and going on an airplane. Airplanes are not everyone's cup of tea, so here are a few ways to make your flight as comfortable as possible. 

1. Watch movies
We all love a good movie to distract us from the flight, and I think they are a perfect to take up time. You enjoy yourself, and you're not aware of passing time! On long haul flights you'll probably get a TV with loads of good movies/tv shows to watch, but on short haul flights, I recommend downloading a few movies onto your iPad/other device to entertain you during the flight. 

2. Sleep
Simple, but effective. I know it's a struggle to get comfortable in your economy seat, but once you do, sleeping is a great way to pass time. You hardly notice where you are, and when you wake up after a long sleep you are significantly further in your journey. They are also great to distract you from turbulence, and try and get rid of jet lag!

3. Listen to music
I love listening to my favourite tunes anyway, and believe me, it makes that flight a little bit better. Just relaxing, and not listening to the annoying hum of the airplane can really lift your mood. Make a long 'flight' playlist, and then the time will pass without you knowing it. Playing a calming playlist when you're trying to sleep can also be a lifesaver.

4. Bring games/a book
These are just more things to take up time on your flight, and entertain you. Bring your book to return to your favourite story, or bring a pack of cards and play with someone! Either can help make your journey more comfortable, and therefore enjoyable!

5. Plane letters
A current tradition in my school. When a friend is going on a long flight, why not write them a letter with some games and anecdotes - and maybe they'll write one back! It's a great way to break up the flight, as you can plan to open it halfway through the journey. They're fun, interesting, and a lovely surprise when you open them!

So remember to charge your devices, pack thoroughly, use all these tips and enjoy your flight!

Are you going on holiday?

Love Sian xox

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Motivation Tuesday

Now I know 'Motivation Monday' is a lot more catchy, but who says you can't be motivated on Tuesday to!?

Do that thing you've always wanted to do, don't put it off waiting for the right time - the right time is now!

Don't be discouraged if something isn't coming 'naturally'. Work hard for it, and you'll be surprised.

There are many hurdles in the path of life. But why would they be called hurdles if you couldn't overcome them?

What keeps you motivated?

Love Sian xox

Friday, 11 July 2014

Exercises for your Heart!

I haven't posted a fitness post in a while, and today the time is right! Time to get your heart beating fast, your muscles aching and your body sweating! Yes it's time for cardio!

I'm going to tell you 4 good cardio exercises you can do at home, and another one you can do out and about.

1. Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks burn about 100 calories in 10 minutes. No special equipment or skills are needed. Use jumping jacks in a circuit, doing them for 30-60 seconds and alternating them with other cardio exercises such as marching, jogging, jumping rope, etc.
2. Skipping/Jump Rope
Skipping is a great cardio, which can burn about 220 calories in 20 minutes. Skipping ropes are inexpensive, require no special skills and can be used anywhere if you have the space. For the best workouts, alternate 10-60 seconds of jumping with squats, lunges, pushups, dips and other cardio exercises. 

3. Burpees
Burpees are a killer cardio exercise, burning 100 or more calories in 10 minutes (if you can manage 10 minutes - it's difficult!). In a cardio circuit, incorporate 30-60 seconds of burpees with other exercises like marching, jogging, skipping etc. 

4. Squat Jumps
Squat jumps are a plyometric exercise that will raise the heart rate, burn calories and increase power in the legs. Incorporate 30-60 seconds of squat jumps into your regular cardio workout or in a cardio circuit with other exercises such as marching, jogging, jumping rope etc.
5. Going for a run!
 In my opinion, the most simple and effective way of getting fit. You enjoy the great outdoors whilst improving your fitness. For weight loss, walk at a brisk pace and incorporate hills and sprints to increase intensity. If you're a beginner, run at a steady pace for a consistent amount of time. As you become more experienced, you can do circuit training (differ intensities & time).
If you have any questions about training programs and other exercises, drop me an email, or a question in the comments!
Do you do cardio exercises?
Love Sian xox

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer Blogging Schedule

On this fine Tuesday, I think it's the perfect time to tell you guys about my new blogging schedule. I am currently going to the airport on my way to Sri Lanka, and this is why I am changing my schedule a bit.

I want to enjoy my holiday to the maximum, and I don't want worrying about posting to get in the way. Therefore, I am using the 'Schedule' system on blogger.

I am currently scheduling posts for Tuesdays and Fridays until August 8th (when I get back). This means I can be completely organised, and just post a tweet every now and then. 

This way I don't let you guys down with lacking posts, and I have a nice, relaxed holiday!

A few minor problems with this method are that I may not tweet exactly when my post goes up. This means you guys have to help me out a bit, and check my blog every Tuesday and Friday at approximately 11am when the posts are scheduled. But I will try my best to remind you guys!

My Tuesday post may be a bit on the short side, while my Friday posts will be full of TheLifeofSianM energy!

I really hope this system works out, and comment if you have any tips.

REMEMBER: Tuesday and Friday - 11am!

Have you used the 'Schedule' system before?

Love Sian xox

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Summer Bucket List | 2014 Blogger Challenge

Firstly, I am very sorry I haven't posted in 10 days! With school finishing, athletics competitions and packing for holidays I have truly neglected my blog. I will (try and) make it never happen again!

Now onto this weeks #2014BloggerChallenge post - 25 Things I want to do this summer.

1. Pay more attention to my blog!
2. Go borris biking
3. Make many fruit smoothies
4. Go to the theatre
5. Take lots of photographs
6. Have a nice touristy day in London
7. Build up my Summer wardrobe!
8. Do more art/painting
9. Buy a new ukulele
10. Go to a concert
11. Paint my nails more often
12. Meet up with someone I wouldn't usually see outside school
13. Do lots of athletics training/exercise!
14. Explore a city
15. Make friends with a stranger
16. Do some volunteering
17. Try a new food
18. Read many books
19. Go to brighton
20. Eat healthy!
21. Have a movie night
22. Learn to skateboard
23. Have a picnic
24. Learn some new recipes
25. Do more of what makes me happy

What do you want to this summer?

Love Sian xox

P.S. I am currently trying to schedule lots of blog posts when I'm away, and finding it very tricky! Would you guys be mad if I just posted every week?