Friday, 8 August 2014

Youtubers You Should Know About

At this moment in time I am probably on an airplane, getting off the airplane or in the airport. But that doesn't matter - you are still getting a post!

I am going to talk about a few youtubers who haven't got the popularity they deserve, and I think with your help, we should put them on the map! They are still fairly popular, but I think they should go further. So without further a do, here are the lesser-known faces of youtube.

1. Sarah Close
Sarah is an amazing singer, who has such a unique and beautiful voice. I listen to her videos on repeat! She always manages to make my favourite songs sound that much better! I wish she would create some original music soon, because I need her voice on my iTunes playlist. She is so talented, and I recommend you all go check her out on youtube and subscribe! 

2. Tyde Levi
Brother of the famous Troye Sivan, Tyde started his channel very recently. His videos are funny, well made and just overall very good! I think he deserves more subscribers as the standard of his videos are very high. He also has more popular youtubers like Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan in his videos, so it's always nice to see more of them on his channel. Go subscribe!

3. SacconeJolys
Much like the Shaytards, this cute Irish family make daily vlogs. They have two kids now (Amelia and Eduardo), who are adorable, and never fail to brighten my day. They also have separate channels with amazing recipes and other fun videos very regularly. I love their videos, and if you like light-hearted long vlogs then definitely subscribe!

What Youtubers do you think should be more popular?

Love Sian xox

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