Monday, 24 November 2014

Come Back Summer!

At the moment, Britain is in the annoying stage between Autumn and Winter - where the beautiful orange leaves are still on the trees but it is SO FREAKIN' COLD. My mum is trying to do the whole 'let's keep the heating off for as long as possible' thing, and I'm just sitting under my duvet freezing to death. The novelty of wearing big jumpers and drinking hot chocolate is starting to wear off, and now I just miss summer. So as a personal 'throwback', and to infuse some summer vibes back into my blog, here are some of my favourite photos from Summer.

A photo from an amazing week helping out at the Mother Teresa orphanage in Sri Lanka

Hyde Park in Summer is the best :)

First time Borris Biking around town!

Do you miss Summer?

Love Sian xox

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