Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gift Guides for Christmas | Adults

Having trouble deciding what to buy for your family for Christmas? Here's a basic guide to what I think is best to buy for the adults of the family.


Grandparents are quite easy to buy for, as they usually don't ask much from their grandchildren. I go for something simple like:

- For grandma: a scarf or shawl for winter: Something not too expensive but good quality hits the spot
- For grandpa: a wallet or tie should do the trick
- For both: something personal like a decorative frame with a family photo, or something handmade will be loved by the grandparents!


Parents are quite harder to generalise for what to get for Christmas, as a personal thing usually is best. I'm basing this totally on what kind of things my parents have asked for over the years. 

For mum: My mum loves beauty products and things for her skin, so I go for a good quality cream/moisturiser or a nice smelling candle. Either that, or a favourite CD - this year she wants the new Sam Smith CD
For dad: Dads are always unpredictable - so some good presents could be cuff links, a CD or a favourite book!
For both: A nice photo frame, vouchers, or a couples experience to enjoy together! 

Uncles & Aunts

I like to buy couples presents for Aunts & Uncles, but if you're feeling generous, here are a few ideas.

For Auntie: Something along the same lines as mum - a beauty product, CD or book, or especially as the New Year is approaching, a nice diary. Things for the kitchen, like a good quality cook book can go a long way too
For Uncle: Again, something along the same lines as dad will do
For both: If like me you find it easier to buy joint presents, I think cute items for the home are perfect. This may be nice salt & pepper shakers, a photo frame, or something as simple as a sofa cushion! Or if you're not sure of their style, booking a couples experience or day out is another great option. 

Are you ready for Christmas?

Love Sian xox

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