Friday, 16 January 2015

How Not To Revise

MOCKS ARE OVER! What better time to share some revision tips I have accumulated over the revision period.

Most people give you advice on how to make your timetable beautiful and colour-coded with each colour referring to subject, and so on. But although this is perfect for some people, others cannot revise like this. Everyone has their own way that they revise to the best of their ability, so I don't think it's a good idea to tell people how to revise. Which is why today you will learn ...

1) Don't do it all
Until about a month ago, I had no idea how I wanted to revise. I would try one technique, like flashcards for example, then see someone else doing something new, so I'd try that method for a bit. THIS IS NOT GOOD. If you're indecisive when it comes to revision, just stick with one, then evaluate at the end of exams whether you think that was an effective way to revise. That way you can rule out methods, and while you're doing that, you will learn about yourself as a student (wow I sound like a teacher). You're not going to get anything learnt if you change techniques after every topic. 

2) It's all about location, location, location
I'm not going to say to you, 'You have to revise somewhere which is dead silent, with no distractions or anything tempting', because that's just not how some people work. I personally need music, or some background noise when I'm working, as for some reason it makes me more productive! But background noise does not mean working in the living room with the TV blaring, and your siblings yelling at you - it means finding your own space, your own music and getting down to work. If your house isn't the perfect working space, then going to a cafe would be another option. Last year, Gaby from etcgabrielle did a post about the app Coffitivity, which plays a background cafe sound to revise to. 

3) Perfection is not always the way forward
Depending on how you revise, perfect notes can be both good and bad. I find perfect notes really helpful for my revision, as it gives me a clear mind, and they just help my structure my revision. But you have to judge whether perfection is good for you. Perfect notes can often take longer, which doesn't always make your notes as efficient as they can be. Sometimes just writing your notes down, however neat or messy, can be just as effective. So make you know what you're aiming for at the beginning of your revision.

4) Don't force it 
I know a lot of people, who in a rush to absorb all information into their brains, stay up until 4am in the morning cramming desperately. Now this is ok if you feel fully awake, and productive, but if you're tired, you're most likely not going to remember the information tomorrow. And that means you've just wasted a few hours of important rest time, and hours that will help you to feel ready for your exam tomorrow. So be wise - if you feel too tired, don't force revision. This could mean that your brain will be rested and ready the next day, and opens the possibility of absorbing more information in the morning. 

Good luck with any exams you may have, and I was going to tell you not to procrastinate, but as I'm writing this I am currently watching TV and using this blogpost as a reason to not revise my Latin...

How do you revise? 
I might do another one of these posts, with more revision tips, so I would love your opinion!

Love Sian x

Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015, a year for...

As I haven't posted since before the New Year - Happy New Year!

Due to Mock GCSEs practically taking over my life, my posts have been, well, non-existent. But week one is over, and for some reason I'm feeling inspired to share some New Year wisdom with you guys.

Before the New Year, I posted about my personal goals that I want to achieve this year. But for some of you who are having trouble deciding your own new years resolutions, here are a few general things that everyone should learn from.

2015 is a year for not giving up - pursue your dreams and stay determined & motivated. 

2015 is a year for trying to do something that will make any aspect of yourself better each day. 

I'm a culprit of this - 2015 is year for waking up without a screen, and appreciating the day each morning.

2015 is a year for not letting others bring you down - stay true to yourself, and spend time with people who make you better. 

What's your New Year's inspiration?

Love Sian xox