Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015, a year for...

As I haven't posted since before the New Year - Happy New Year!

Due to Mock GCSEs practically taking over my life, my posts have been, well, non-existent. But week one is over, and for some reason I'm feeling inspired to share some New Year wisdom with you guys.

Before the New Year, I posted about my personal goals that I want to achieve this year. But for some of you who are having trouble deciding your own new years resolutions, here are a few general things that everyone should learn from.

2015 is a year for not giving up - pursue your dreams and stay determined & motivated. 

2015 is a year for trying to do something that will make any aspect of yourself better each day. 

I'm a culprit of this - 2015 is year for waking up without a screen, and appreciating the day each morning.

2015 is a year for not letting others bring you down - stay true to yourself, and spend time with people who make you better. 

What's your New Year's inspiration?

Love Sian xox

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