About TheLifeofSianM

About me :)

I'm a teenager living in London

I love sports, art and music

I'm interested in Film and Media, and have been on camps, and I'm about to get my first proper DSLR camera.

My dream is to visit Australia.

I started blogging so I could have a place to write down all my feelings.

My blogs are mainly about my Life, Sport, Art, Fashion and Music.

I would love to help, and inspire as many people as possible with my blog! And I would love it if you left comments, and followed my blog. Also I'm all for exploring new blogs, so leave the link in the comments, or tweet me.

I'm always taking in new advice, so if you have any on how I can improve my blog, please let me know.

To read more about me, and for a fuller introduction, click here

Thank you, I love you all, and enjoy reading my blog!

Love Sian xox

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